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The importance of a well designed mobile friendly, responsive website should not be underestimated, particularly now that mobile website visits are set to overtake desktop visits for the first time. Not to mention the new Google mobile search algorithm update that favours responsive sites.

Back in the “olden days”, if you wanted to target mobile customers you needed to run two separate websites, one for desktop users and another for mobile users. This doubles workload for both design/development and for content addition and editing. As smartphones arrived with multiple resolutions and viewing widths the headaches of running mobiles sites increased which is where responsive website design came to the rescue.

Responsive design allows the same content to be served to all users, but the site is designed in a fluid manner which allows the layout and content to be adapted to the device the user is viewing on. So on smaller devices such as phones the content is smaller in resolution/size, but the actual content itself (text etc) can be made bigger so mobile users can access it more efficiently. Then as the screen size increases the site layout dynamically shifts to match the device, and the size of images and so on can also then be scaled up.

As well as allowing you to have a singular content database, meaning you only have one set of content to look after, mobile sites also look and behave like mobile apps but without the added cost of having to build an app for iOS, Android and Windows phones – a mobile site will look like an app and will work across all devices.

We can build and design proper fully responsive websites that will dynamically change shape and layout depending on the device the user is viewing the site with, rather than just making your website “mobile friendly”. Or we can convert existing sites into responsive mobile friendly sites without changing the existing desktop design.